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Jerry BaoZaihan

Property Manager

Jerry consider effective communication as a cornerstone of Property Management. The primary key to successfully managing a portfolio lies in maintaining clear communication with tenants, property owners, and maintenance services. As our industry continues to incorporate automation in various aspects, establishing and nurturing strong relationships with property owners and tenants becomes absolutely crucial for the seamless operation of a property management portfolio. My commitment is to collaborate closely with property owners and tenants to guarantee that everyone enjoys the most optimal rental experience.

I hold a degree from the prestigious University of Melbourne and have resided in Melbourne for a notable period of thirteen years, during which I cultivated native fluency in both English and Mandarin. Outside of my professional pursuits, I engage in a diverse array of hobbies, including proficiency in multiple musical instruments and active participation in various sports. My innate extroverted nature empowers me with exceptional aptitude in communication and organization. Moreover, I have amassed a wealth of valuable work experience that has not only sharpened my proficiency in efficient time management but also elevated my ability to tackle challenges with remarkable agility and problem-solving acumen.