Whitehorse’s Growing Economy ‘Ripe for Investment’

The City of Whitehorse has an economy that generates over $16 billion, potentially making it an attractive location to buy investment property in Box Hill.

With around 60,000 jobs in a variety of areas, including real estate, business services and manufacturing there are a number of investment opportunities available within the region, according to the city council.

Box Hill’s Central Activities Area (CAA) is home to the largest activity centre in the City of Whitehorse. Located 15 kilometres east of Melbourne’s CBD, it’s an area of strong economic growth, with developments sustained by government and private investment.

More than 8,000 business are located in Whitehorse including the MegaMile, which brings together over 300 shopping and service ventures. Recognised as one of Melbourne’s lifestyle precincts, MegaMile attracts many consumers from both the local community and outlying areas.

Commercial growth is a continual goal for Whitehorse, with the Strategic Planning Unit implementing direction for residential, commercial and industrial advancement.

Furthermore, the council’s Economic Development Strategy aims to provide investors with information and support surrounding their expansion into Whitehorse.

There has never been a better time to invest in this continually developing region. Contact Mark Edwards at Ray White Box Hill to discuss purchasing real estate in Box Hill.