Box Hill property owners urged to warm up for winter

Saving money is essential at this time of year, especially with the cost of heating Box Hill property on the rise. The City of Whitehorse has offered its residents several top tips, which could be just what you need to keep on top of your bills during the colder months.

Council estimates suggests that Victorian households spend around $800 a year on heating their properties. However, some savvy changes could make a huge difference to your expenditure.

"There are a number of ways you can improve energy efficiency and in the process save money and minimise your impact on the environment, such as making sure your heating system is as energy efficient as possible," noted Whitehorse councillor Ben Stennett.

Among the council's recommendations is that homeowners block and draughts that might be cooling down their properties. It's estimated that draughts can add as much as $160 a year to the average heating bill.

You might also find that wearing a few extra layers has a positive impact on your bills. Using blankets is a good way to snuggle up on the sofa, or a hooded top will prevent heat loss through your head.

If it's bedtime when you usually feel the chill, then why not invest in a hot water bottle? They are much cheaper than electric blankets and generally safer, helping you doze off to sleep without worrying about feeling cold.

Earlier this year, the Victorian government announced plans that would benefit residents of property in Box Hill and other parts of the state. Any gas or electricity retailer in the state that increases its prices for customers on fixed term contracts will no longer be able to charge early exit fees.

If you're planning on moving to Box Hill in the near future, be sure to speak to Mark Edwards and his team for advice on where to find your ideal home.

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