Property Management Services

Ray White Box Hill – Property Management Services

Ray White Box Hill understand that property owners often have real concerns when choosing an agent. Following is an overview of how Ray White Box Hill can overcome some of your concerns with Investment Property Management.

Marketing Srategies: Ray White Box Hill understand that a poorly marketed and/or advertised property can lead to greater vacancy periods, resulting in a loss of income to you. We don’t like to wait for tenants to come to us! We want to go in search of the tenant and have a waiting database of qualified tenants.

Reaching the Community:

Advertise in local papers
Display a “to let” sign at the property (if applicable)
Circulate rental listing sheets to local professional offices
Colour photo displayed on our rent listing sheet & internet
Property listed on our outside rental board
Networking with large organisations (i.e. hospitals, colleges, national corporate firms)
Open your property regularly to gain maximum exposure

Tenant Selection:
Hassle free management commences with tenant selection
We accompany tenants to the property – we don’t hand out keys
We are very hard to please and interview all prospective tenants
We want to choose someone who will care for the property
We are thorough with our reference checking
We have access to tenant default agencies

Preparation of Paperwork:

With the complexity of legislation requirements it is paperwork right from the beginning.
We have quality systems in place to ensure that we mitigate human error to ensure the tenancy is binding and enforceable on your behalf.
We have a collection of disclaimer notices to protect your investment.

Rent Arrears:  Ray White Box Hill understand that the payment of rent is the reason you have the investment. We are
tough when it comes to enforcing rental payments and are relentless to the end if a tenant defaults.  We believe that our tenancy arrears are minimised by our strict tenant selection.

Inspections: In today’s legal web of litigation claims, we understand the importance of ensuring that the property is presented in a clean & safe state of repair.   We regularly carry out inspections and provide you with value added feedback:  Renovations and Improvements as well as areas of potential risk and preventative maintenance

Maintenance Management:  Our tradespeople are licensed, insured & qualified to protect your investment.   Ray White Box Hill promptly respond to all tenant maintenance issues in accordance with your instructions.

Accounts Management:

We understand that many property owners require a total “worry free package”. We can pay all accounts relating to the property on your behalf:
Body corporate
Council rates
Insurance premiums
Or any others accounts that may arise

Monthly Accounting:  Our office disburses money via electronic transfer twice a week allowing you to receive your money quicker.  We are happy to accommodate additional payments throughout the month to compliment mortgage payments and to assist with the reduction of your interest.  We provide a financial summary statement at the end of the year to assist you with taxation.

Rent Increases:  We are constantly monitoring the market on your behalf.  We conduct our own market research and gather information from industry experts to ensure that we are getting the best possible rent for your investment.   You can be assure that our primary focus is to implement rent increases to maximise your return.

Tribunal Proceedings:  Our first action is always self resolution.   If we encounter a difficult tenant that does not want to cooperate we may need to take the matter to the tribunal for a court ruling.   You can be assured that we are aware of the legal requirements under the Residential Tenancies ACT necessary to protect your investment.

Attention to Detail:

Ray White Box Hill takes Investment Property Management seriously and for this reason we have invested a considerable amount of time & money implementing a quality procedural system of checklists, forms & letters to reduce human error.  We are happy to showcase our system & how it can protect your investment.