Selling Tips

Presenting your property

In many cases, your property will be one of the largest assets you will ever own and you can add thousands of dollars to the sale price, simply by paying attention to its presentation, both inside and out.

Following are a few tips to consider in order to present your property at its best to potential buyers. Since first impressions do count, we recommend you start with the outside. Creating an impression of a well cared for property is essential. The first glimpse of a well-maintained front yard will have a positive overall effect on buyers and create a good impression for the rest of the property.

To achieve this you should:

The Exterior

Give the exterior of the home a quick fix and makeover. Repair and paint any part of the house that needs it, for example paint peeling off gutters, facia, doors and windows. Replace any rotting timber, loose deck boards, steps and doorknobs. Clean the outside of the house including the windows and frames. Sparkling windows are like bright eyes; they are inviting and portray a well maintained property.

• The lead-up to the house:

– Keep paths swept clean of leaves and grass
– Clean/paint the gate and letterbox
– Pay attention to any creepers and branches over-hanging roofs and gutters. These should be pruned back.

• The Grass:

– Start garden improvements as soon as a decision is made to put the property on the market
– Lawn fertiliser can be applied to green up the lawns
– Keep the lawn neatly mown and use an edge trimmer.

• General:

– Rake up leaves and other garden debris
– Roll up the hose and put it away. Also store other garden tools and rubbish bins out of sight
– Kid’s swings and sandpits can give a warm family feeling, however be sure to put away any loose children’s toys.

• Pools:

A pool can be a great asset for those looking for a home with entertainment and recreational facilities. Owners should ensure that:

– The pool has been vacuumed and is clear of leaves on the top as well as the bottom of the pool
– Be sure to clean the tiles around the edge and store away any pool equipment such as creepy
crawlies, hoses and pool covers
– Deck chairs and covers should be displayed to present an attractive environment.

The Interior:

The key to an inviting interior is creating a welcoming feel to the property. Presenting a tidy yet lived in home, with plenty of light and space will do wonders. Here’s a few tips on creating that winning look and feel and making the most of what you’ve got…
Start with the walls and ceiling. Often all that’s required is a good wash, however if this does notget rid of all stains, especially those left by water leaks and grubby fingers, then the walls will need painting. To make a small room appear bigger use lighter colours.

The door and window frames should also be cleaned and painted where necessary.

Make sure all lights work and check the strength of your globes to ensure a warm yet bright light in living areas and a more white light for work areas such as the study or kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the main areas a buyer will be interested in. Make sure all surfaces are clean and clear of clutter and that the electrical equipment that is being sold with the property is spotless and in good working condition.

The bathroom is another important area of the home and should not just be spotless but hygienically clean. The floor and wall tiles must shine and be free of mildew. It may be a good idea to replace the shower curtain, toilet seat, mats and towels. White towels can help brighten a dark bathroom whilst contrasting rich colours give a white bathroom a sharp fresh look.

Show off the rooms to their best advantage. This will probably mean boxing some of the clutter and placing it in the garage/shed. An uncluttered room can create a feeling of relaxed openness.

It is not just the furniture and fittings that are important when making your home ready for sale, you should also consider the addition of small features such as plants, fl owers, rugs, paintings and mirrors. Mirrors help to open up a room and add a feeling of spaciousness.

The temperature and aroma of your house are also central to making your property attractive. In the summer the home should be kept cool and in the winter it should be warm.

Odours such as smoke, pets and food smells can be eliminated with the use of air fresheners and carpet fresheners.

On Open Day:

Remember that buyers will usually be visiting a number of properties on the same day, and yours may very well be in competition with others on the market at the same time.

Here are a few tips to make your home stand out from the crowd during their visit:

• Have some soft music playing to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere
• Freshly brewed coffee and freshly baked bread can create a winning aroma
• Add vases of fresh flowers around the home
• Leave the lights and lamps on and open the curtains
• Have the air conditioning or heat operating before the open commences to create a welcoming atmosphere
• Consider using aromatherapy
• Make sure the beds are made, the dishes washed and papers and toys stored away.