Why Sell With Ray White Box Hill?

Welcome to Ray White Box Hill a company that recognizes you need more than just the weekly rent; that service is more than just a smile; and that maximizing your income is more important than ever.

Ray White Box Hill’s Promise to you:

  • We will skillfully represent you
  • We will strive to maximise the return on your investment
  • We will strive to optimise capital growth
  • We will strive to deliver peace of mind

Why choose us?

  • We want to get it right the first time
  • We want to get you the highest possible rent
  • We will have a positive & enthusiastic attitude
  • We will promptly return telephone calls
  • We will provide solutions not excuses
  • We will go the extra mile to make you happy

We guarantee our service:

Our commitment is to strive towards providing you with the highest standard of service possible.
Promises are easily made and just as easily forgotten.
We believe that we are unique in offering our service guarantee.

We value your feedback and like to survey our clients to find out what we are doing right and what we can do a little better.
We also carry out happy calls throughout the tenancy to give you peace of mind that everything is operating smoothly with your property and tenant.
We will do what ever it takes:

  • We want your business
  • We want you to be happy
  • We want to delight you
  • We want to increase your wealth
  • We want you to know that whatever you require… we can arrange it

What if we get it Wrong:

Lets be honest…sometimes we can get it wrong.
However, we want you to know that our goal each day is to work towards delighting you.
We want to be known as an agency that is full of solutions not full of excuses.
If we get it wrong let us know immediately!
Choosing an Investment (Asset) Manager rather than a property manager:

An asset manager is a title given to someone who is focused on managing your asset not just the property.
When selecting an asset manager you need to choose someone who knows the Residential Tenancies Act and is confident in applying the Act. Someone who will pay attention to the finer details and continually strives to maximize the return on your investment.
Your property is a valuable asset that requires care and attention from a professional agency. We recommend that you qualify potential managers prior to placing your investment into just anybodies hands.
Be aware of cheap fees, or management free period:

If an agency is offering a discounted fees or a management free period you can be sure they will also be offering a discounted service. If they discount on fees, they may easily discount on the rent when negotiating with tenants!
Our Professional & Peace of Mind Service:

We may not be the cheapest but we know that we can deliver on service.
We can tailor design a service package to suit your needs.
Choose our Assest Management Division Today to Manage your Property:

To enjoy the wealth created from your investment property and to secure your future
Contact Ray White Box Hill to receive a FREE Investors Profile highlighting how you can maximise your investment on 03 9890 1228